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    16 Relatable Moments People Who've Been In A Long-Term Relationship Will Find Super Hilarious

    Let me empty my butt before you shower...

    If you're currently in a long-term relationship, you'll chuckle at how accurate the following tweets and Instagrams are:

    1. When you have no shame talking about even the most embarrassing things:

    2. When you have designated sides of the bed and you don't need to pretend to be comfortable:

    [falling asleep] Him: *wraps his arms around me & softly kisses just below my ear* goodnight, my love Me: *reaches back to touch his face* get the fuck off my side of the bed

    @smithsara79 /

    3. When you accidentally buy each other the same card:

    We--@urbantantrika & I-- have been together so long, we bought each other same same anniversary card!

    @katebornstein /

    4. And when you accidentally buy each other the same ~domesticated~ gift:

    5. When you're used to tolerating the stench of your partner's dumps before or during a hot shower:

    a long term relationship means hearing "let me empty my butt before you shower" while still finding that other person sexually attractive

    @matt_obrien /

    6. When you know exactly how to pick and choose your battles:

    Relationships are a lot like sports, at first you're really excited but by the end you've eaten too many hot dogs and are too drunk to argue

    @PaperWash /

    7. When your idea of a good gift for one another is something practical:

    You know you've been married a long time when you get each other completely domestic anniversary gifts and love it.

    @midlomollee /

    8. When your partner automatically knows what you're talking about, even with zero description:

    @tfunktwits i am a master at substituting the word "thingy" for every noun and somehow he always knows what im talking about

    @jenihead /

    9. When you both forget your anniversary:

    You know you've been married a while when it's your mother in law that reminds you of your anniversary...

    @verodelchuco /

    10. When you have the same sense of style:

    11. And when you accidentally color coordinate:

    12. When you do really weird stuff because you get each other's odd sense of humor:

    My wife and I are ourselves! #Marriedtoolong

    @olapekim /

    13. When you accidentally wind up shopping at the same place at the same time:

    14. Or when you realize you're eating at the same place at the same time:

    15. When you start adopting your partner's habits, like their skincare routine:

    16. And when you know all of their annoying habits by heart:

    Before you marry someone: 1. Listen to them eat a bowl of cereal. 2. Ask them which side of the bed they sleep on. 3. Watch them brush their teeth. 4. Make sure you are temperature compatible. 5. Survive one cold and flu season at minimum.

    @Parkerlawyer /

    Kuddos to you if you've been with your partner long enough to relate to these! If you found any of the above tweets or Instagrams super funny, be sure to give that person a follow!