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    15 Things That Prove Drunk Girls In Bathrooms Are BFF Goals

    Name a force more powerful.

    1. First of all, they just care about your well being.

    2. And they know the importance of being there for one another.

    3. They are there to talk, but more importantly to listen.

    4. They will always, ALWAYS have your back.

    5. And they truly want the best for you.

    6. They are there for your every need.

    7. They genuinely admire you (drunk or not), but get more courage to vocalize it when tipsy.

    8. They can become your bestie in literally minutes.

    9. They give you a reason to leave the house, honestly.

    10. They love your fashion sense.

    11. But – more importantly – they love you.

    12. They create bonds with you that will never be broken.

    13. They are like life coaches really.

    14. They always think about you.

    15. And, yes, they will always be your biggest supporter.