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    Everyone Has Two Dominant Personality Traits Based On Their Zodiac Sign – Here's Yours

    You gotta take the good with the bad.

    Aquarius – Best Trait: Unique


    Aquarians are independent thinkers who like to use their unique qualities to help others solve life's problems.

    Aquarius – Worst Trait: Temperamental


    Because they long for freedom to be their own person, they can\ at times can be uncompromising and impolite.

    Pisces – Best Trait: Compassionate

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    Pisces are humanitarian, empathetic, and always ready to help.

    Pisces – Worst Trait: Fearful


    But, Pisces can also be anxious and tend to take on the role of martyr.

    Aries – Best Trait: Enthusiastic


    Aries are full of energy and ready to move through life at a fast pace.

    Aries – Worst Trait: Aggressive Attitude


    On the other hand, they tend to be abrupt and have a short fuse.

    Taurus – Best Trait: Practical


    Tauriis are down-to-earth, reliable people who also love to be stylish.

    Taurus – Worst Trait: Stubborn AF


    But, Taurus can be willful and over-protective.

    Gemini – Best Trait: Funny


    Geminis are some of the most witty, flirtatious, and approachable people you'll ever meet.

    Gemini – Worst Trait: Inconsistent

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    However, they can be unreliable and have trouble making decisions.

    Cancer – Best Trait: Sympathetic


    Guided by their emotions, Cancers are goodhearted and family-oriented.

    Cancer – Worst Trait: Moody


    But their emotions can make them pessimistic and melancholy.

    Leo – Best Trait: Creative


    Leos are leaders of the pack. They are also funny and kind.

    Leo – Worst Trait: Arrogant

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    However, they can be apathetic and only think of themselves.

    Virgo – Best Trait: Hardworking


    Virgos work hard on details, striving to always make their work the very best.

    Virgo – Worst Trait: Over Critical

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    But, their analytical minds can make them, well, a bit anal at times.

    Libra – Best Trait: Cooperative


    Libras are balanced and fair, but also very sociable.

    Libra – Worst Trait: Indecisive


    Sometimes, though, trying to see both sides of life can make it difficult for them to commit to decisions.

    Scorpio – Best Trait: Passionate


    Scorpios love self-expression and can be very ambitious.

    Scorpio – Worst Trait: Jealous


    However, their passion may have a dark side that can turn into resentment.

    Sagittarius – Best Trait: Generous


    Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit and love of travel.

    Sagittarius – Worst Trait: Impatient


    But waiting is not their strength at all.

    Capricorn – Best Trait: Disciplined


    If you need someone reliable and responsible, call a Capricorn.

    Capricorn – Worst Trait: Selfishness


    But they can also be snooty...sometimes even heartless.