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This Easy Hack For Pulling Those White Tendons Out Of Chicken Is A Game Changer

All you need is a fork and a paper towel!

I hate to open a post showcasing the slimy tendons of a chicken...but it needs to be done. If you didn't know, they are these white, not-so-pleasant bits the red arrows are pointing to:

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And, although they are not harmful to eat, there is a super easy way to remove them and I did not know this. TikTok user @raising_krazies shared the hack:

So simple, right?! How did I not know about this sooner!?

Global TV

All you need is a paper towel to grab onto the tendon...

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...and a fork to pull it out!

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It slides out in a matter of seconds!

Voilà! What a truly amazing hack!