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    People Are Sharing Photos Their Dogs Would Use If They Were On A Dating Website And It's Too Funny

    Is your dog more Bumble or Grindr?

    This is Rebecca and her absolutely precious Dalmatian named Skylar.

    A few days ago, Rebecca snapped this adorable photo of Skylar. "I uploaded this photo because I thought she looked rather regal. It looked like it would be her profile picture on a high-end dating site," she told BuzzFeed.

    So, Rebecca decided to upload the photo to Twitter and ask other users to share photos their dogs would use if they had dating profiles.

    If your dog was on a dating website post a photo that would be their profile pic...

    @RebsterW / Twitter: @RebsterW

    People soon started uploading ~dating profile~ photos of their dogs:

    @RebsterW ‘Let’s grab a drink’ 🍺

    @19GeorgeGrayson / Twitter: @19GeorgeGrayson

    Archie is searching for that deep, soulful connection:

    @inverneil / Twitter: @inverneil

    And poor Patricia is just looking for someone to love her for who she is:

    @RebsterW Patricia 52 - divorced. Kids just gone off to uni - so time “to get herself out there”. Not used a webcam before.

    @TomField25 / Twitter: @TomField25

    Buddy looks like he would be a dapper date:

    @RebsterW Buddy - Old fashioned gentleman. Likes walks (not in the rain), removing food from the bowl to eat off the floor and chasing a ball once then not giving it back.

    @drewjones03 / Twitter: @drewjones03

    Ruby is not scared to get right down to the point:

    @RebsterW Assuming you're talking about one of the dating sites, this would be Ruby's shot.

    @samuriinbred / Twitter: @samuriinbred

    Freckles wants to be young and in love:

    @RebsterW Freckles, 5 months old, loves barking, chewing and eating. Originally from Romania x

    @ela_field / Twitter: @ela_field

    Rexie wants you to know she's 100% sane:

    @perrigame @RebsterW Rexie, 7. Petite strawberry blonde. Likes long walks and also being carried. How can I say “multiple personality disorder” without sounding mental?

    @ejp72 / Twitter: @ejp72

    Gizmo seems like a relatable young pooch:

    @RebsterW Gizmo 5 months old - I like long romantic walks on the beach and snuggling on the sofa. I’ll also steal your food and hump your leg if you give me half a chance.

    @11110110100 / Twitter: @11110110100

    Tilly looks like she would get good photos of you for the 'gram:

    @RebsterW Tilly likes, the outdoors, hob knobs, food and quiet nights by the fire Dislikes, the dog next door, the terrier she lives with, lettuce and dogs pestering her back end

    @andynufcolds / Twitter: @andynufcolds

    Babs appears to be an open book in every possible way:

    @RebsterW Miss Babs, 4, “paint me like one of you’re French girls”

    @DollysDay / Twitter: @DollysDay

    Frank knows what he wants and what he does not:

    @RebsterW Frank, 8 years old. Likes: Food Cuddling Barking at any animal on the tv Farting Dislikes: The rain Puppies Sharing food Nail clippers

    @Smfak8 / Twitter: @Smfak8

    And same goes for Milo:

    @RebsterW Milo. Loves: the outdoors, good food, chasing squirrels, bubble wrap. Dislikes: having nails clipped, that dog down the road, early mornings.

    @MumbrianSpinner / Twitter: @MumbrianSpinner

    This cutie will always be her truest self:

    @RebsterW She might as well be honest and show that winter hair growth 😂😂😂 no point in false advertising

    @pourmeavino / Twitter: @pourmeavino

    And here's another cutie who is sure to steal your heart:

    @RebsterW I am sure he will received maximum proposals💞🌹

    @PrithviPandit7 / Twitter: @PrithviPandit7

    I admire the sultry looks this dog can give:

    @macrotech / Twitter: @macrotech

    Frank looks like he's always up for a good time:

    @RebsterW This is Frank. Enjoys living life to the full and feeling the wind in his beard. Also a keen foodie and adventurer. WLTM someone like minded.

    @MaguireComms / Twitter: @MaguireComms

    This dog has a nice set of chompers:

    @RebsterW Nice teeth always a plus on dating site photos!

    @Delirious_Dater / Twitter: @Delirious_Dater

    And this dog wants you to know they are proud of their teeth:

    @Bodewell7 / Twitter: @Bodewell7

    Oh, and same here:

    @ReHall9 / Twitter: @ReHall9

    The coat on this dog will really stand out on any dating site:

    @Bodewell7 / Twitter: @Bodewell7

    This little rascal looks like they are down to chase any squirrel with a mate:

    @Katystephens69 / Twitter: @Katystephens69

    Tom has his photos on every social media app down to perfection:

    @TraceyDalton50 / Twitter: @TraceyDalton50

    And Sir Edward may be a cat, but he is open to dating any dog:

    @drewjones03 @DickKingSmith @RebsterW Sir Edward Ginger - Believes he's a dog, chases other dogs, likes long walks in the countryside, yoghurt,wildlife documentaries & going to the local pub.

    @Rebecca08510632 / Twitter: @Rebecca08510632

    Rebecca said she and her children have loved seeing all the dogs in her Twitter thread. "My children and I have laughed until we cried at the responses. It’s been an absolute tonic in such difficult times," she said.

    If you want to see the dating profile pics of more doggos, you can check out Rebecca's entire thread.