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    Here Are The Ridiculous And Judgy Questions This Mom Gets Asked Because She's A Doctor

    Wouldn't you rather stay home? Nah, I prefer the hospital...

    Magnolia Printz is a Milwaukee-based mom of four who is also a board-certified anesthesiologist.

    Dr. Printz recently went viral for making this TikTok where she sarcastically answers ridiculous questions she gets asked about being a working mom:

    "My post was meant to highlight the absurd assumptions about working moms from others by showing the passive-aggressive nature of these questions that are meant to pile on the guilt for 'choosing' a career over raising their children," Dr. Printz told BuzzFeed.

    "I answered with sarcasm because the people who ask these types of questions have made their judgments about me, and I won’t be changing their mind with an honest answer," she said.

    "The absurdity is further highlighted by the last question, which examines the double standards in our society because men would never be asked these types of questions. My husband — who is a busy orthopedic surgeon — has never been asked these questions. Yet these are questions working moms face every day, and it’s time to call it out," she added.

    Do men get asked these questions too?

    "You would think by 2021 this backward way of thinking about women having successful careers while raising their children would have been extinguished long ago. Unfortunately, it seems that sexism, misogyny, and internalized misogyny is learned and is supported by society, workplace dynamics (the gender pay gap is an example), and outdated laws," Dr. Printz emphasized.


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    Dr. Printz's video has gained so much attention that she started a series where she answers ridiculous questions from commenters:


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    "To assume that I’m a terrible mother because of my career choice is ridiculous. Spending time with my children at home 24/7 is not my way of expressing my love. I am a better mom because of my career as an anesthesiologist. I am a better mom because I find fulfillment outside of my role as a mother," she said.

    On the other hand, Dr. Printz said she has been enjoying all of the hilarious comments from fellow moms. "For example, one mother wrote: 'I’m not sure who watches my kids... I left them cereal and hope for the best when I get home.'"


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    She added, "Of course, there are the people who don’t understand the sarcasm at all and leave hateful comments. But, overall, moms from all backgrounds can relate to the struggle. We see and understand each other."

    Thanks for the laughs, Dr. Printz! You can follow her on TikTok and Instagram for more!