This Woman Who Can't Hear Is Going Viral For Guessing What Everyday Objects Sound Like And...Just Get In Here, You're In For A Treat

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    Meet 26-year-old Ashley Gosset and 23-year-old Jessica Holton.

    Ashley has full hearing capability and Jessica was born deaf — she can’t hear at all out of her left ear, but she can hear super-loud screams or really loud music in her right ear.

    The sisters recently went super viral on TikTok for their series of videos where Jessica makes noise based on what she thinks an object sounds like. Here, enjoy this one that has over 24 million views:

    I hope you enjoyed her guessing what the weight sounded like as much as I did. 🤣

    Jessica and Ashley told BuzzFeed that growing up and doing things most siblings do together was challenging at times. "I specifically enjoyed concerts and movies — and it is rare to find a movie theatre with captions on the actual movie. Most of the times they make the Deaf/Hard Of Hearing (HOH) community wear big, bulky glasses and a lot of times it embarrassed Jessica to wear them. Which is completely understandable, so we rarely went to the movies because of that," Ashley said.

    The very first viral video the sisters made was one where they acted out a memory of playing hide-and-seek during their childhood. Jessica said, "I wanted to reenact one of our childhood memories of hiding from Ashley and making noise while I did, which led to her finding me. It went viral and then we made more and people started telling me that our videos brought them joy and it made me feel good."

    "After that video, we thought maybe people would like to watch things that we do pretty often anyway, like guessing the sounds and Jessica mimicking me. We started getting hundreds of messages telling us that our videos brought them joy when they were having a hard day, and we just knew we had to keep going," added Jessica.

    Both girls think so many of their videos have gone viral not only because they're funny, but because they shine light on a community that a lot of people don't know about. "People comment on how they like the bond that we share, and that we remind them of their own siblings. That being said, I think a lot of people have had to quarantine from their family and friends and are missing moments like this. It's also not something most people have really thought about — what does a deaf person think things sound like," Ashley said.

    The sisters want people to understand that being deaf doesn't mean you have no voice and live in a constant state of sadness. "People who are deaf or HOH can joke! They are amazing people who are SO capable of great things. They don't let the fact that they can't hear stop them, and they can and live normal lives. They can do everything hearing people can, but hear," said Ashley.

    And, as a deaf person, Jessica said she wants hearing people to know that signs and gestures are important because it makes deaf people feel included. "It's tiring to have to type things out in front of people in a restaurant or store, especially when a lot of people act like it's putting them out to read what we've typed out. Learning just a few basic signs can make all the difference! Also, if you're new to signing, even just using sign to spell words out if you don't know the sign for a certain word helps us feel included. We would rather you put forth any kind of effort to talk to us in our language than to be too afraid because you're worried that you'll mess up and sign something wrong," explained Jessica.

    Lastly, Ash and Jess want people to know that it's OK to laugh at their videos — that's why they make them! "A lot of people tell us they don't feel like they can or should laugh with us, but we want people to know that the whole reason of our videos is to bring joy and laughter to everyone. We want you to laugh with us. Jessica has an amazing sense of humor and we have always been like this. Enjoy it with us!"

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