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    16 Dads Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

    Poor dad.

    1. This dad who had a Christmas tree fall on him.

    its_m3lii / Via

    2. This dad who looked away for one second...

    large_lifter / Via

    3. And this dad whose vehicle just got branded.

    4. This dad who had to pick up makeup and didn't know what shade to get.

    johnjharvey / Via

    5. This dad who got peed on by his kid.

    6. This dad who had a sleeping baby on his lap, but the remote was way over there:

    leedrugan / Via

    7. This dad who figured out there are no exceptions at school drop-off.

    robj_bamf / Via

    8. This dad who got puked on by his baby.

    jahoozawitz / Via

    9. This dad who got permanent marker put on his face during his nap.

    10. And this dad who was wrong when he thought he could nap in peace.

    meganparker79 / Via

    11. This dad who is already over the family vacation.

    memily_b / Via

    12. This dad who brought home milk and accidentally dropped it down the stairs.

    bradymurrayrods / Via

    13. This dad who thought he was just getting the basic manicure.

    hm_glam / Via

    14. This dad who literally had a dirty diaper in his face.

    bigdognyc / Via

    15. This dad who bought 3-month clothes instead of newborn.

    16. And the dad who left this eyesore in his ceiling after falling through it:

    kathrynleeb / Via

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