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    17 Dads Who Are Way Funnier Than You'll Ever Be

    Good one, dad.

    1. This dad who loves to send sentimental photos.

    mangobomb91 / Via

    2. This dad who is really excited to eat these chips.

    nicolaxlily / Via

    3. This dad who followed directions when asked to put "your name" on his cup.

    sincerely_sarahb / Via

    4. This dad who wants you to know just how strong he is.

    sherrylie / Via

    5. This dad who knows the definition of "light" reading.

    arayalight / Via

    6. This dad who really knows the art of photoshop.

    sleepless_dad_in_sea / Via

    7. This dad who said he made French toast for breakfast.

    ericvince15 / Via

    8. This dad who got his daughter an apple watch.

    tessacharters / Via

    9. This dad who said he has "you tube."

    panda_xr / Via

    10. This dad who thinks it's hysterical to trick people into drinking ketchup.

    endaverage / Via

    11. This dad who thinks he looks just like Grumpy cat.

    vivianrtang / Via

    12. This dad who makes breakfast into a face.

    _martimar / Via

    13. This dad who likes to pretend he's chasing a runaway stroller.

    14. This dad who likes to show off his new tricks.

    lifestylefitness4u / Via

    15. This dad who tried to act like he saved pizza for everyone else.

    cyber_raver123 / Via

    16. This dad that planted a frightful surprise before bedtime.

    bcisurf / Via

    17. And THIS dad who took a picture of how he hangs shelves in his daughter's room while she's gone.

    just_liam89 / Via

    It can't be unseen...

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