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    17 Dads Who Are Way Funnier Than You'll Ever Be

    Good one, dad.

    1. This dad who loves to send sentimental photos.

    2. This dad who is really excited to eat these chips.

    3. This dad who followed directions when asked to put "your name" on his cup.

    4. This dad who wants you to know just how strong he is.

    5. This dad who knows the definition of "light" reading.

    6. This dad who really knows the art of photoshop.

    7. This dad who said he made French toast for breakfast.

    8. This dad who got his daughter an apple watch.

    9. This dad who said he has "you tube."

    10. This dad who thinks it's hysterical to trick people into drinking ketchup.

    11. This dad who thinks he looks just like Grumpy cat.

    12. This dad who makes breakfast into a face.

    13. This dad who likes to pretend he's chasing a runaway stroller.

    14. This dad who likes to show off his new tricks.

    15. This dad who tried to act like he saved pizza for everyone else.

    16. This dad that planted a frightful surprise before bedtime.

    17. And THIS dad who took a picture of how he hangs shelves in his daughter's room while she's gone.