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    Some People Just Learned Washing Machines Have Filters You Need To Clean, So They Are Doing It For The First Time And It's Gnarly

    Ever wondered why your clothes don't smell as clean?! It's time to check your filter.

    People on TikTok have recently been teaching people how to clean their dishwasher filters and now TikToker @speedcleaningqueen has shown people how to clean the one in their washing machine:


    Smelly Washer Problems! #ft #foryou #foryoupage #smellywasher #quarantinecleaning #keepingbusy #momlife #coronavirus #gross

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    I will fully admit that all of this information was news to me. So I went to look at my washing machine and, sure enough, at the bottom was a little door with a sticker that said to clean the filter every two months. I did not see anything about draining the hose, so I googled that. According to Bob Vila, only some machines have the drain hose, but they still should be regularly drained for cleanliness.

    Krista Torres

    I also wondered if these filters were in both front-loading and top-loading washing machines. According to Family Handman, almost all washing machines have a filter. However, their website also said that the new, high-efficiency washers rely on a filter in the pump that self-cleans, so those likely won't have one.

    So I cleaned mine for the first time:


    I am ashamed I didn’t know this! Thanks @speedcleaningqueen. #washingmachine #howdidinotknow #cleaninghack #laundry #SNOOZZZAPALOOZA #parenting #moms

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    Let's cut to the chase. Even though the water that drained out looked clean, it smelled awful. Like rotten eggs. I gagged. When I took out the filter, it had gobs of hair, some sticks (gonna give my son credit for that one), and some tags that looked like they fell off clothing.

    Krista Torres

    And, just like me, a lot of TikTokers did not know this and cleaned theirs for the first time. User gave their apartment washer a much-needed clean:

    I- 🤢 #diy #keepingbusy #quarantine

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    User @marissaarmstrong6 also had a washer in need of a good draining and a good filter cleaning:



    ♬ original sound - brandt.tera

    And user @cris9113 actually realized his filter was the reason his washer kept stopping in the middle of a cycle:


    Now I know why our washer keeps stopping in the middle of the cycle. Learned this from TikTok @lizaberris @katlynherrera

    ♬ original sound - brandt.tera


    OK, that's all I can handle. Clean your washing machine filter and drain hose! BYE!

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