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    Chris Pratt Just Confirmed He Is Going To Marry Katherine Schwarzenegger

    This is happening.

    About a month ago, Chris Pratt confirmed via Instagram that he was dating Katherine Schwarzenegger.


    Well, the two – who are reported to have been dating since last June – are now going to tie the knot!

    Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images, Alison Buck / Getty Images

    Sunday night, Chris shared this sweet photo...

    prattprattpratt / Via

    ...with this sweet caption for sweet Katherine.

    Let's get a closer look at the giant ring, too.

    prattprattpratt / Via

    Are we in shock? Yes. But, also, like, really happy for them. Congrats, Chris and Katherine!


    Oh, and this makes Arnold Schwarzenegger Chris's dad now.

    Orion Pictures

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