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This Woman's Analogy For Why "All Lives Matter" Is Wrong Perfectly Explains It In The Simplest Way

"What about MY house? Doesn't it matter?!"

TikTok user @giv.sharp recently shared a video analogy to help people better understand why saying "all lives matter" isn't helpful in response to someone saying "black lives matter."


ngl this is how some of y’all sound :/ #blm #fyp

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BuzzFeed spoke to the woman who made the video, Given Sharp. She said she decided to make the TikTok because she was feeling frustrated by people using "all lives matter" as a rebuttal to the "black lives matter" movement.

"I had seen the burning house analogy resurfacing on social media recently, and I thought that it was a simple yet powerful way of explaining things. Years ago, when the BLM movement was just beginning, it was actually a comic by artist Kris Straub using the same analogy that caused me to change my mind on the movement. It made me realize how counterproductive and insensitive it is to say 'all lives matter' at a time like this. I figured if the analogy could change my mind, it could change someone else’s as well," she explained.

In her video, which has accumulated more than 1.9 million views and 86,000 shares (even Lizzo did a duet with her), she pretends to be two different people.

Here's a breakdown of her video:

Sharp said that if her video changed even one person's mind, it would be worth it. "I wanted to use my privilege and platform as a white cisgender woman to raise awareness on the matter," she said.

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