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    This Breastfeeding Momma Just Stopped The TikTok Scroll By Showing People What Happens When Your Baby Loves Eating From One Boob More Than The Other

    The things we learn on TikTok.

    Abbie Herbert is a first-time mom to her beautiful daughter, Poppy, who is nearly 6 months old.

    And as many people know, motherhood comes with many surprises. A recent one that Abbie encountered has to do with breastfeeding:

    In her video — which has over 17 million views — Abbie explains, "Poot loves to breastfeed, but she's very particular about what side she likes. So, she's right side. I said, 'Girl right side is yours; you stay on the right — you love it. It is yours.'"

    Abbie with the caption "Things no one tell you about after giving birth"

    "...Well someone forgot to remind me what could happen if you only let your baby feed on one boob. This is hard as a's not an implant — it's my boob."

    Abbie pointing to her left breast which is considerably larger than her right breast

    After asking others on the platform if this was normal or if her boob would ever deflate, it was apparent that what Abbie was experiencing was pretty common.

    One person said "I've made it 16 months with only using my right for the main course and left for snacks. I look crazy, but it gets the job done!"


    Another said "Me watching this while pumping the un-loved side [laughing, crying emoji" you are not alone

    A quick TikTok search will also pull up many other moms sharing their experience with this same problem. So, BuzzFeed spoke to Abbie to learn more about her experience. Abbie said that right away she could tell Poppy liked nursing from her right breast more than the left. "She was getting a full feed on the right and kept moving around while on the left side. She was more comfortable and relaxed while holding her on the right," she said.

    Abbie said it feels like she has a rock on the right side of her chest. "It’s such a weird and uncomfortable feeling. Since Poppy favored the right side and I didn’t pump the left, the milk production seemed to level out on the left side, but now my right side is over supplying and producing way more milk than the left."

    In addition, Poppy sleeps 12 hours at night, so Abbie wakes up with a super large, engorged right breast that is ready for Poppy to feed on. Basically, Abbie's right boob is now making double the milk supply, since her left one isn't being stimulated as much to produce more milk.

    "Since going viral with my breasts, I have tried pumping the left side to level the supply back out, but it’s just staying how it is at this point! I’ve always been a smaller-chested woman and was told once I start breastfeeding my breasts would get bigger, but I never thought just ONE would!"

    BuzzFeed also spoke to expert Dr. Mary Jane Minkin — a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University School of Medicine — to get more insight into this issue (one that many breastfeeding moms like Abbie are experiencing).

    Dr. Minkin smiling

    Dr. Minkin confirmed that many babies do prefer to nurse from one breast over the other and that while you can feed a baby from one boob only, it isn't recommended because you may experience and pain and swelling as Abbie did.

    To sum up how breastfeeding works: The more a baby suckles and stimulates the nipple, the more a hormone called prolactin is produced. Prolactin causes more milk to be produced, which is obviously what is happening to Abbie's right boob since her left isn't getting as much sucking action!

    Minkin said she thinks the best solution for Abbie's dilemma is to continue trying to pump her left breast to see if she can get the milk production back up. She can then feed the milk to Poppy from a bottle if she will take it. That being said, each person is unique and should always consult their doctor on what is best for their particular situation.

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    At the end of the day, Abbie said that she is just grateful she is able to breastfeed Poppy. "No matter what my breasts' size looks like, I’m just happy I’ve had an easy experience with breastfeeding. And — no matter how you feed your baby — a fed baby is best, and that’s all that matters!"

    And now, if you ever decide to breastfeed, you'll know that you need to always stimulate BOTH BOOBS to prevent this from happening to you!!!

    You can follow Abbie on her family's YouTube channel and on TikTok and Instagram!