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People Are Sharing Their Secrets To Upgrading A Box Of Mac 'N' Cheese After Blake Lively's Boxed Mac 'N' Cheese Hack Went Viral

Stop everything you're doing, grab a box, and head to the kitchen, because you're going to want to immediately make this!

As someone who throws back Easy Mac like it's going out of style, I often find myself looking for new and innovative ways to eat and elevate it.

So call it sheer luck or the universe shining its light down on me when, last week, I had to log in to my very, very old Yahoo email (that I forgot the password to) and somehow stumbled upon Blake Lively's boxed mac 'n' cheese upgrade.

Close-up of Blake smiling with a crown emoji added above her head

Blake actually shared this recipe for elevated boxed mac 'n' cheese on her Instagram story a couple of years ago, so it's a tragedy I didn't discover it sooner, but better late than never. I decided to make it to see what it was all about.

Blake's IG story, with a box of Goodles mac 'n' cheese, saying to "ignore all box recipes" and "add a heavy splash of whole milk, cheese powder, 1/3 block of cream cheese, and two big handfuls of grated sharp cheddar and/or hard goat cheese or Gouda"

Here is a full video of what the recipe looks like or scroll down for a step-by-step!

First, you gotta gather the ingredients: whole milk, a box of your favorite mac 'n' cheese (my grocery store didn't have Goodles, so I settled for some classic Kraft), sharp cheddar, Gouda, and cream cheese.

Ingredients: box of mac 'n' cheese, whole milk, Gouda, cheddar, and cream cheese

In Blake's recipe, she very clearly says the boxed mac she shows in her pic is "not an ad," but she used Gal Gadot's Goodles boxed protein mac 'n' cheese. I did not use this brand solely because my Kroger didn't have it, but you can find it at Target if you want to try that specific one.

To begin, boil the macaroni according to the box instructions.

A box of mac held over a pan of boiling water

While the noodles are boiling, work on shredding up your cheese. (Blake didn't give specific measurements — all she said was a "handful" of each.)

Close-up of grated cheeses

After the noodles are done and you drain them, add in the cheese powder that comes with the box.

Now the fun begins. You put in about a third of a block of cream cheese (make sure it is softened so it blends nicely).

Macaroni, cheese powder, and cream cheese

Then add in your sharp cheddar and Gouda...

Grated cheeses being added to mac, cheese powder, and cream cheese

...followed by a "splash" of whole milk.

Milk being added to macaroni mixture

After you mix it all up, it will look like this:

The mac 'n' cheese mixed up

And like this and this:

I went in for a bite...

Close-up of the writer smiling and holding a spoon of mac 'n' cheese with caption, "Ready to crush this giant spoonful of mac"

AND I'LL JUST SAY IT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU CRY TEARS OF JOY. IMO, the Gouda really elevates and ties all the flavors together, and the cream cheese makes it velvety and super rich.

After I shared the recipe on my IG, people came flooding in with their own hacks for making boxed mac 'n' cheese better, like adding Boursin cheese instead of cream cheese:

Comment: Use a block of Boursin or another herbed, spreadable cheese instead of the cream cheese and it's even better

Someone else said to remove the cream cheese and the milk and replace those two ingredients with heavy cream and butter:

Comment: Replace the milk with heavy cream, add some butter, and lose the cream cheese

And apparently, cream of chicken or mushroom soup is really good in mac 'n' cheese:

Comment: Even wilder, add cream of chicken or mushroom soup before adding the powder; so, so good

Sour cream has been used as another replacement for milk:

Comment: Skip the milk and use sour cream!

And a lot of people like garlic powder in theirs:

Comment: And some garlic powder to taste! Yum!!

Apparently, Cheez Whiz also amps it up:

Comment: I always add some Cheese Whiz to mine; bumps up the creaminess and the cheddar flavour; so good!

Miso was another suggestion:

Comment: I like to add a bit of miso; really changes its flavor

While some people said to add onions and bacon:

Comment: We do shredded old cheddar sauted onions and bacon

Or you could go the healthy route and just add broccoli:

Comment: Add in some frozen broccoli while cooking the pasta; major upgrade (if you like broccoli) if not I recommend riced broccoli it almost is hidden in there

A few people claim that cream cheese is simply all you need:

Comment: It's the cream cheese! You could leave everything else BUT the cream cheese and it'll be sooo good

And a super-fancy way would be to get the boxed mac 'n' cheese that has the creamy cheese packet and not the powder, then add bread crumbs on top:

Comment to leave out the "damn powdered cheese" and "get a boxed like Velveeta or the Kraft deluxe that come with a creamy cheese" and "after you mix it all up, put in a baking dish or individual ramekins, add breadcrumbs and paprika to top and bake"

Either way, people love boxed mac 'n' cheese upgrades as much as they love how real Blake Lively is:

Comment: I love that there are celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow who claim they'd never be caught dead giving like Cup of Noodles to her kids, and then Blake Lively is showing us all how to power up boxed mac 'n' cheese

If you have a boxed mac 'n' cheese upgrade, let us know in the comments, and maybe I'll try it to find THE BEST one!!