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    15 Hilariously Awkward Back-To-School Fails

    Start the school year off right.

    1. This year, help make school a safer place for everyone.

    2. And start teaching ’em young.

    3. Grab some of these if you skipped over the condoms...

    4. Stock up on this strategically placed margarita mix.

    Instagram: @makeupartistmommy

    It's non-alcoholic, so your kid can technically still take it to school.

    5. Yup. Those are ashtrays.

    6. Throw some extra supplies in for science class.

    7. Let's hope the English teacher didn't make this sign.

    8. ...or this one.

    9. There's all kinds of wrong here.

    10. Make sure to grab one of each. 😉

    11. Label items to make things more clear on the first day.

    On second thought, don't.

    12. Nothing says, "happy first day" quite like a bag of soil.

    13. At least your kids will think school is COOL.

    14. What an outpouring of knowledge before school.

    See what we did there?!

    15. Lastly, don't wait until the zombie apocalypse to shop for school supplies.

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