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Baby X-Rays Look Extremely Uncomfortable, So Of Course Twitter Made It Funny

"You think I'm in here for MY safety?"

Good day, everyone. If you didn't already know, this is how small children have to take X-rays:

Not only does it look super uncomfortable, but it also looks about as fun as Augustus Gloop being trapped in a chocolate tube.

And while I, PERSONALLY, think it's far from funny...people on Twitter seem to think differently.

I just found out this is how they X-ray small children and I can’t stop laughing

Of course, the jokes started rolling in.

And some parents agreed it was funny, sharing pictures of their own kids getting X-rays.

@mowziii Glad I’m not the only one who finds this hilarious

@mowziii My son 😂😂😂😂

Obviously, the mechanism serves a purpose. It is made to make X-rays easier and provide a clear image, since kids squirm and move around A LOT. This radiographer even shared their own experience:

@mowziii I'm a radiographer in nigeria... In the hospital where i did my internship, myself and a colleague wanted to construct something to hold down children just like the pigg-o-stat... But the resources weren't there... So we improvised. And made this

Twitter: @cita_chukwuma

So, whether you think it's sad or funny, I am just here to say FREE THE BABIES!!!