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    "What Is Something People Do In Public That Gets Under Your Skin?": 16 Annoying Habits You'll Probably Agree People Should Stop Doing

    "The biggest indicator of character and red flags is how someone treats people they don't 'have to' be nice to like service staff."

    We all have those little things that irritate us — maybe you hate the sound of chewing food or you can't stand it when people whistle (lol IDK). Anyway, people on Reddit recently started sharing things that people do in public that really irk them. Let's see if any resonate with you...

    1. First up are people who take calls in public on speakerphone.

    "Speakerphone calls. Seriously, just hold the phone to your ear. No one wants to listen to your conversation."


    "Yeah. Or worse, if they listen to THEIR music all the time without any headphones, or 'have to' follow that very important soccer match on their stupid mobiles."


    2. And we also have people who watch TikToks or videos with the volume on full blast.

    "Watch TikToks or videos LOUDLY."


    "We have a girl who does this in the bathroom at work. More than once, I've thought about turning the light off on my way out."


    "That dad loudly playing "Baby Shark" on his phone for his kid..."


    3. When you're driving the same speed and someone passes you but then slows down so you have to pass them.

    "People who keep passing me and then slowing down so I have to pass them. I'm on cruise control going the same speed all the time. Pick a speed; we don't need all this lane changing!"


    "This infuriates me, too. I don’t care if someone wants to go faster than me. Just be consistent. Don’t mess up my cruise control."


    "I have never understood this. You're going slow in the left lane? Dumb, but OK. I have to pass you on the right? Also not great, but OK. But then, you're going to speed up as I try to pass you? Screw off."



    "People who litter. 😥"


    "Agreed. And for everyone who needs to hear it, cigarette butts count!"


    "Yes, I hate that, the world isn't their trashcan; they're making things worse for everyone. Just hold on to the trash, and throw it away later."



    "A lot of things, but it really bugs me how casually people spit. I am not one of the people who think spitting is always gross or rude. It's a needed human function. But when I see someone hock up a disgusting loogie and immediately spit it directly where people are walking, it makes me wonder what is wrong with them. Spit it somewhere someone probably won't step on it. It's pretty easy to do."


    6. People who have no spacial awareness.

    "Oblivious to their position or how they are blocking an entire aisle."


    "This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Not being aware of the space you take up in public places."


    "People who step off the escalator and just...stand there. Because there couldn't possibly be anyone behind them."


    "Standing too close behind me in line. It will not make the line move faster, I promise."


    7. Parents who make a scene and embarrass their kids in public.

    "Embarrassing your children in public.

    There is a right way to say 'hey, don’t do that' without an audience.

    It’s not cool to make a big scene with your kid and have a million strangers see this; in fact, I think it’s a little traumatic for the child involved."


    "Talk to their children while looking at others to make sure everyone is watching and listening to them. They talk super loud in their little kid voice, too. Biggest pet peeve!"


    8. Not being respectful at the gym and hogging machines.

    "Sit on equipment in a gym and scroll their phone, or worse, make phone calls.

    When you ask them to please move so you can use the station, they act like you're the rude one."


    9. When people are rude to someone who is just doing their job.

    "Being rude to anyone trying to do their jobs. Sometimes, I just wanna slap the person silly and tell them to grow up."


    "The biggest indicator of character and red flags is how someone treats people they don't 'have to' be nice to like service staff."


    10. And when people don't wash their hands after using the restroom.

    "People NOT washing their hands in a public restroom after using it. I work in a store and see if often. Disgusting."


    "This is how it is at all the casinos. More than half of men do not wash their hands, even after using the crapper."


    11. Sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth.

    "Coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths."


    "Or the half-assed fist placed three inches in front of their face as if that does anything."


    "I feel like people are so much worse with this since COVID restrictions disappeared. Like they’re making up for lost time."


    12. Next, we have groups of people who take up the whole sidewalk when walking.

    "Groups that walk five wide on a sidewalk chatting away like they're the main characters."


    "Being on the larger side, I relish the times I see a group like this coming. If they don't part for me, it's like slow bowling."


    13. Texting while driving is not only annoying but also dangerous.

    "People who text while driving like it's a human right."


    14. Public displays of affection really get on some people's nerves.

    "Over the top PDA.

    I don’t wanna see two old people going at it in an Applebee's or some young person wearing a diaper and posing himself to give his boyfriend an erection at the beach.

    Both of which I have seen."


    15. So do people who floss their teeth in public.

    "Floss their teeth. I've seen people do this at restaurants. Yuck!"


    "When people floss their teeth or use toothpicks."


    16. And apparently, a lot of people clip their nails in public.

    "Clip their nails in public. So inappropriate."


    "Trim toenails…even worse if they’re peeling them. 🤢🤮🤮🤮"


    "It's gross! I hate when I'm at work and someone starts clipping their nails. Even worse, when they don't do it over a trashcan and just let their nail clippings fly all over the place."


    OK — we are all ears. WHAT ANNOYS YOU?! Tell us in the comments!