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    I've Never Been On A Cruise, So I Went On One And It Was Unlike Anything I've Ever Experienced

    Let's just...dive right in.

    Hello, people of the world! I have never been on a cruise, and because I was obsessed with the movie Titanic as a child, I also have a great fear of ocean liners sinking at sea.


    The movie may have scared me away from ships, but it also introduced me to Leonardo DiCaprio, so it's OK.

    Anyways, it's 2020 and I want to have new experiences, try new things, and OVERCOME SOME FEARS. I'm also a bit bonkers, so instead of trying a traditional cruise, I went all-in on something called a Groove Cruise.

    So, what is a Groove Cruise?! It's an adults-only cruise that is basically an EDM music festival on a ship. There are day and night themes β€” where people can dress up β€” and multiple levels of the ship that feature famous and up-and-coming DJs at different times throughout each day.

    Now, I'd like to think I'm fairly young at 31, but (after looking at pics) I also wondered: WOULD I BE THE OLDEST PERSON THERE?! WOULD I GET SEASICK?! WOULD I HAVE CELLPHONE SERVICE TO CHECK ON MY SON?! I WAS PANICKED.


    Keeping ~2020 fearless Krista~ in my mind (and remembering that my husband would be with me), I put my worry aside and started planning. I packed practically, with things like motion sickness medicine, toothpaste, a swimsuit...stuff like that, because I didn't really know what to expect. After boarding the ship β€” and checking to make sure there were plenty of lifeboats β€” I decided to give myself a little tour. The ship was nice:

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    The ship featured 12 decks, including things like a casino, a workout room, a spa, a free buffet, a free premier dining area, and more.

    Walking through the halls, and around in general, the ship definitely had a ~college party~ feel:

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    (That's Twister in an elevator.)

    But I felt relieved to see people of all ages! I did, however, feel a little out of place because most people were wearing really incredible and elaborate costumes...and I was wearing jeans and a casual top. πŸ˜• Luckily, the vibe was really great and everyone was really friendly.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    (If I look nervous in the photo above, well, it's because I was.)

    The first DJ β€” Nora En Pure β€” started as the ship left the dock and I was so in awe of all the unique costumes and energy from the people that my fear of the ship sinking left me. (The vodka/water I had probably helped as well, lol.)

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    Each day passengers were given an agenda of what was happening on each deck and at what time, along with the day and nighttime themes.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    There were both indoor and outdoor areas on the ship for performances. And while there was a lot of EDM music, they also switched it up with things like '90s hip-hop, a silent disco, and even comedians.

    Groove Cruise / Whet Travel

    And they had really cool face and body painting stations set up each day...

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    _italianprincess featured in right image. well as wellness stations for rejuvenating and detoxifying.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    As with all cruise ships, most of the food was free (which is what helped give me the courage to go on this cruise to begin with). So, let's talk about what it was like. The buffet-style dining area had TONS of options, but it was kind of your basic buffet food β€” nothing that really impressed my taste buds. However, the ship also had a healthy option cafΓ©, which I really liked. It had light bites, like salmon salad and pastas. In addition, there was a formal dining area that wasn't too bad.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    So, how was I feeling during these experiences? Here's a good example of my first full day at sea β€” it had a lot of highs and lows:

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    I got really seasick. I think it was a combination of me being scared (I didn't sleep well the night before) and me just being prone to motion sickness β€” which is one thing I did worry about. Luckily, I had packed doctor-prescribed motion sickness medicine and, after puking and spending a lot of time in bed that day, I started feeling better later that evening. So much so that I tried to dance, even though I am a terrible, terrible dancer.

    After I had the bout of motion sickness, I decided to consistently take the medicine to prevent it from happening again (something I probably should have done to start with), and it worked! The following day I felt better and we were able to do more things, like work out and enjoy the pool.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    Also, I tried running on the treadmill and started getting REALLY DIZZY, so I probably wouldn't recommend that if you get nauseous like me.

    When the ship arrived in Costa Maya, you had the option of going to a beach party or doing your own thing. My husband and I chose to do our own thing. BUT, LET ME JUST SAY, I WAS SO EXCITED TO BE ON DRY LAND.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    At this point we had been on the boat for over 48 hours and I just wanted to get off the ship due to the underlying anxiety I was still experiencing about something happening mechanically to the ship. Another thing I should point out was that you had to pay for Wi-Fi and it was really, really expensive. So I had to literally stay glued to my husband because we couldn't call or text if we lost each other. If my son hadn't been staying with my mom, who I trust implicitly, then I would have bought the Wi-Fi package. Also, I knew I was going to have service as soon as we got to Mexico, so that was another reason why I was super antsy about getting off the boat. I know some people like disconnecting and I will say a part of it was nice, but as a mom, it's not ideal when you're away from your kid!

    Mexico was my favorite experience by far. Groove Cruise is run by Whet Travel, which has an organization called the Whet Foundation. One of the options of things to do was volunteering at a local school in the city. We brought backpacks filled with supplies for the kids and picked up trash next to their schoolyard so they could surprise the teacher and her students with a playground, which they did not have. It was truly a rewarding day!

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    And we did a tequila tasting later on, because when in Mexico... 😏

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    When we left, I thought the energy might die down a bit since we were starting the home stretch back. BUT I WAS WRONG.

    Groove Cruise / Whet Travel

    The party ensued and the rest of the trip was just as high-energy as the start of it.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    So, what did I learn by going on my first cruise (besides the fact that I can take way better pictures than my husband β€” see below)?

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    – I learned that you can't let fear of the unknown hold you back from experiences. If I hadn't gone on this cruise because I was scared of something happening in the middle of the ocean, then I never would have a) had this incredible experience and b) been a part of helping kids who need it. Volunteering with the Whet Foundation actually inspired my husband and I so much that we are considering adoption in the future and/or sponsoring a child in need.

    – If you're going to go on something like a Groove Cruise, don't be afraid to go all out! The people wearing costumes looked incredible, plus you'll get some really great pics.

    – If you get motion sickness, there's a high probability that you will on a cruise ship. However, don't let that deter you from going on one if it is something you really want to do. My doctor-prescribed medicine was a game changer, and I also noticed that people wore motion sickness patches and even the wrist bracelets to help prevent it.

    – This cruise isn't one that you go on for food and tranquility. While, yes, there are decent food options and some quiet areas of the ship, I would say the draw with this is it is more of a party experience.

    – If you go on a cruise, check out their Wi-Fi packages beforehand if you think you'll need it. This was something I didn't do and I didn't realize how expensive it was (for this particular cruise anyway).

    – My last piece of advice is to the parents! While there were a lot of young, single people, we also met some married people and people with kids. It made me realize that it is important to go on adventures with just your partner when you can. It made us reconnect in a way that started the year off great.

    If you want to learn more about future Groove Cruises β€” or want to get involved in the Whet Foundation β€” you can visit Whet Travel for more information.

    This cruise was free of charge, but BuzzFeed was under no obligation to positively review it. All opinions are my own.