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    I Just Discovered Adult Smash Cakes And I'm Not Sure What To Think

    360 months old.

    Even if you're not a parent, I'm sure you've heard of "smash cakes" for a baby's first birthday. It's where parents give their new one-year-old a small cake (or giant cupcake in this case) to chow down on.

    Anyways, I just recently discovered smash cakes are a thing for adults, too.

    whitreg / Via

    They are all over Pinterest and Instagram.

    Whitney is clearly enjoying her 30th birthday here (I mean, having an excuse to devour a cake all by myself would make me pretty happy as well).


    Notice her shirt: #360months

    I also found some people who decided to add a little alcohol into their photoshoot.

    felton_ba / Via

    Is there a better combo on a birthday??

    felton_ba / Via

    Even men are getting in on the smash cake action.

    People are hilariously translating their age into months.

    And people are celebrating at any age.

    Adults are just really into it.

    colletha82 / Via

    So, there you have it. ADULT SMASH CAKES.

    clothingbysf / Via Instagram: @clothingbysf

    Would you have one?