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These 9 Parents Give A Whole New Meaning To Record Setting

Can you imagine being pregnant 375 days?!

Being a parent takes a lot of courage, strength, patience, and selflessness – and this group is so extraordinary, it is INSANE!

1. The smallest mom to ever give birth: 2'4" tall.

2. The world's first-known man to give birth: Thomas Beatie.

3. Most children to survive a single birth: eight.

4. The most breast milk donated by a mother: 87 gallons.

5. The world's longest known pregnancy: 375 days.

6. Greatest number of children by one mother: 69 kids.

7. Oldest first-time mother: 70 years.

8. First test tube mother: Lesley Brown.

9. Longest time gap between the birth of twins in the womb: four months.

All parents are amazing, but DAYUMN, this list really take the cake!