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    25 Pregnant-Women Approved Hacks For Having An Easier Pregnancy

    Mom tested, mom approved.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what helped make their pregnancy easier. Below are some of their amazing suggestions!

    1. Eat kiwis to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

    2. Freeze your fish oil supplements to stop fishy burps from coming up.

    3. Drink pickle juice to prevent leg cramps and heartburn.

    4. Wear sea sickness bands to prevent morning or motion sickness.

    5. Once your belly starts getting bigger, invest in a belly band – or a back brace – to minimize back and hip pain.

    6. To reduce swelling, rub your feet with a mixture lemon oil, grapefruit oil, and almond oil.

    7. If your prenatal vitamins make you nauseous, take them before bed.

    8. Toward the end of your pregnancy, lean forward as far as you can while peeing to fully empty your bladder.

    This tip saved my sanity when I was completely over having to get up to use the restroom every hour!


    9. Start looking for maternity clothes early.

    10. Freeze Gatorade for a slushie treat when you're nauseous or have a headache.

    11. Get a tongue scraper to get rid of bad tastes in your mouth.

    12. Say "no" to constant belly touching if you don't like it.

    13. Check local mom swap pages on Facebook for great deals.

    14. Invest in compression socks to help lessen pain and swelling in your legs and feet.

    15. Pack a baggy, comfy shirt for yourself in your hospital bag (one that you don't mind getting dirty).

    16. Try vitamin B6 supplements if you're having really bad morning sickness.

    17. Invest in a gliding rocking chair.

    18. Get a U-shaped pregnancy pillow so you can sleep better.

    19. Stay active and walk as much as you can during your pregnancy.

    20. Use MommySteps shoe insoles to help achey feet and reduce back pain.

    21. Weird cravings can tell you if your deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

    22. Clarks shoes are super comfortable if you have to be on your feet all day.

    23. If you're having trouble pushing your stools out, try the Squatty Potty.

    24. Put a damp towel in the freezer to cool you down in the summer.

    25. And, finally, do what you think is best for YOU and YOUR baby.

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.