23 Things You’ll Never Regret When Your Kids Are Older

    They won't be little forever.

    1. Joining your kids during their cute conversations.

    2. Letting an accident just be an accident.

    3. Taking pictures with them, not just of them.

    4. Showing your support for everything they want to try.

    5. Letting your kid make a mess every once in a while.

    6. Squeezing your kid an extra five seconds after every hug.

    7. Leaving surprise notes for them.

    8. Keeping your promises to them.

    9. Tickling their toes often.

    10. Not being distracted by your phone when you're with your kids.

    11. Letting your kids sleep in bed with you from time to time.

    12. Having dinner with them.

    13. Setting work aside (when you can) to spend time with your kid.

    14. Encouraging them to try something new.

    15. Measuring how much they grow each year.

    16. Letting them plan the entire day a few times.

    17. Staying up to date on their baby book.

    18. Starting a tradition with them.

    19. Letting your kid stay up a little too late to watch movies with you once in a while.

    20. Doing something spontaneous with them.

    21. Writing down the funny things they say.

    22. Letting them have that extra scoop of ice cream on occasion.

    23. Telling them, "I love you" all the time.