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23 Things You’ll Never Regret When Your Kids Are Older

They won't be little forever.

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4. Showing your support for everything they want to try.


Your kids look to you for approval. Even if it isn't something they're necessarily great at, you should always let them know you believe in them.


8. Keeping your promises to them.


We're talking about those special pinky promises, like promising to have a tea party with your daughter or promising to watch your son ride his bike. Sometimes unavoidable things come up, of course, but remember that even the littlest things seem big in their eyes.


9. Tickling their toes often.

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Basically, we're talking about cherishing all those "baby" moments. Their little toes, their little fingers and their little nose. Soak it all in every chance you can.

10. Not being distracted by your phone when you're with your kids.


We understand in today's world it is nearly impossible to go anywhere without your phone, but if you aren't waiting for an urgent call or if you are just hanging out with the kids at home, remember your phone isn't nearly as important as they are.

11. Letting your kids sleep in bed with you from time to time.

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Sure, it can get crowded and you might not get the best sleep, but you’ll definitely get the most loved sleep. (And why not let the family pet join, too?)


18. Starting a tradition with them.

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This will be something they will always share with only you.

19. Letting your kid stay up a little too late to watch movies with you once in a while.

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Try to take in all the movie snuggles before their friends are more important than you.