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    23 Baby Names That Will Immediately Make You Say "I'm Hungry"

    Passing down your love of food to the next generation.

    1. Brie

    Instagram: @foodaroundbrisbane

    The name Brie means "from northern France." Otherwise, it is a delicious, gooey cheese.

    2. Basil

    Instagram: @annalaura94

    As a name, Basil means loyal. As a food, basil means intense flavor for pasta dishes.

    3. Olive

    Instagram: @mennysh

    The name Olive means "symbol of peace." Unlike an actual olive, which is pretty much just a symbol of salt.

    4. Chip

    Instagram: @jaileneperez1997

    Chip is a name meaning "man" (from the Old English "ceorl"). A chip you eat is, well, no comparison.

    5. Reuben

    Instagram: @mr_andy_bb

    Reuben means "behold, a son." Reuben also means "behold, a meat sandwich."

    6. Graham

    Instagram: @thefoodeee

    In Latin, Graham means "grain." Just like you can grain a lot of weight from too many s'mores. 😂

    7. Kale

    Instagram: @traveleatcook

    This Gaelic unisex name means "thin." Stick with the kale and you'll stay thin.

    8. Taffy

    Instagram: @leslie_sparkle23

    The Welsh name Taffy means beloved or friend. Just like the beloved Laffy Taffy is your friend.

    9. Benedict

    Instagram: @kianuy

    The name Benedict means "blessed." Just like you bless yourself with eggs Benedict for breakfast.

    10. Margarita

    Instagram: @mikecooley421

    Margarita as a name actually means "pearl," but it's completely acceptable to just say your baby is named after the drink or the pizza.

    11. Cherry

    Instagram: @bilal.g11

    The name Cherry means "dear one, darling." And a dear, darling cherry goes good in my cheesecake.

    12. Alfalfa

    Instagram: @ac8m

    The name Alfalfa means exactly what it is: plant.

    13. Cookie

    Instagram: @jennandjuicesimplysyrup

    Cookie the name and cookie the food both mean the same thing: "one who is cute; sweet biscuit” — imagine that.

    14. Rosemary

    Instagram: @misshannahpants

    Meaning "dew of the sea," Rosemary is a lovely name and a lovely food that pairs well with chicken.

    15. Clementine

    Instagram: @cjazzler

    The Latin meaning of the name Clementine is mild or merciful. Won't it be so cute when your little Clementine eats a clementine for the first time?

    16. Caesar

    Instagram: @xxmintostarxx

    In America, Caesar means "long hair." Just don't let one of Caesar's long hairs get into your Caesar salad.

    17. Almond

    Instagram: @bessie.bakes

    Almund is an Old English name meaning "noble protection." Today it can be spelled Almond, just like the savory nut.

    18. Herb

    Instagram: @hanmillerrose

    This German name means "illustrious warrior." Herbs are the illustrious warrior to my salmon.

    19. Colby

    Instagram: @lowcarb_angela7796

    This Anglo-Saxon baby name means "from the dark village." In no way does Colby cheese come from any dark village.

    20. Marsala

    Instagram: @kingpriyom

    In Italian, Marsala means "a sweet, fortified wine." Much like what it is as a food.

    21. Ginger

    Instagram: @nolije

    In English, Ginger means "pure, chaste, virginal." So, your kid could literally be sugar and spice and everything nice.

    22. Sage

    Instagram: @exgros_food_freak

    Sage is a name that means "prophet," just in case it comes up in conversation at the dinner table.

    23. Apple

    Instagram: @kaoru_lupi

    If you're super into health or Gwyneth Paltrow, then fine. Name your baby Apple.

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