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    19 Words That Take On A Whole New Meaning After You Become A Parent

    You will never use the term "blowout" the same again.

    1. "Blowout"

    2. "No"

    3. "Me Time"

    4. "Laundry"

    5. "Dinner"

    6. "Wine"

    7. "Passed Out"

    8. "Hobbies"

    9. "Messy"

    10. "Date Night"

    11. "Throw Up"

    12. "Weekend Mornings"

    13. "Packing"

    14. "Markers"

    What it means before parenthood: What you write or color on paper with.

    What it means after parenthood: An instrument of horror used to vandalize walls or body parts.

    15. "Tired"

    16. "Bottle"

    17. "Worry"

    18. "Time Out"

    19. "Parent"