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    19 All Too Real Reasons Moms Are Late

    Mind-boggling disasters always happen right before you leave the house.

    1. Your kid had a meltdown because their socks felt "funny."


    You cannot make this stuff up.

    2. Your kid had to pee the second you got in the car.

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    Last time you tried to make them hold it and ended up even more late.

    3. Your kid spilled cereal everywhere.

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    And a gallon of milk.

    4. Your kid had three more minutes left in time out.

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    If you cave now, they'll never learn.

    5. Your kid fell asleep.


    Letting them nap does everyone a favor, trust me.

    6. Your kid just had to see the end of Frozen.

    Walt Disney Studios

    They couldn't let it go.

    7. Your kid puked all over you.

    Spyglass Entertainment

    No one's helping you clean up that mess.

    8. You had to pack diapers, snacks for later, an extra outfit, a few toys...


    And your sanity.

    9. You made the mistake of letting your kid dress themselves.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    You should have known better.

    10. Your kid hid your keys...


    ...and can't remember where they put them.

    11. You let your kid play with your phone while getting ready and now you can't find that either.


    Your kid swears they didn't "hide" it.

    12. Your kid got stuck somewhere.


    At least it wasn't in the toilet this time.

    13. Your babysitter just cancelled.

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    A babysitter cancelling last minute is like a happy meal without a toy.

    14. Your kid hurt themselves.

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    And you were out of Band-Aids. It was a catastrophe.

    15. You were on your way, but had to turn around because your kid forgot their lovey.


    God forbid you leave home without it.

    16. You can't find your kid's other shoe.


    Kids' shoes should really come in sets of three.

    17. Your kid just took their first steps.


    Or hit some other huge milestone. Things like this are a monumental, one-time deal. You understand, right?

    18. There was a diarrhea explosion.


    This requires no explanation.

    19. Lastly, your kid moves SO SLOW.


    See this turtle? My kid moves half that speed.