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    19 Absurdly Funny Kids Who Didn't Even Mean To Be So Hilarious

    "Buy my girlfriend's CD, I'm so proud."

    1. This kid who forgets there is a right and a wrong place to pee:

    best part of working from home is having your 5y/o run in while you're on a conference call and cry "I accidentally peed in the wrong place"

    2. This kid who knows flossing is a dance move and nothing else:

    When the orthodontist asked Jenna if she flossed, she, without hesitation, stood up and began “flossing”. 🤦🏼‍♀️💃🏽💃🏽 #onlymykid

    3. This kid who proudly supports his girlfriend, Demi Lovato:

    He handed these out in target saying "buy my girlfriends CD I'm so proud" #OnlyMyKid @ddlovato

    4. This kid who is fiercely dreading adulthood:

    One of my 6 year olds started crying today and when I asked why she said, “I don’t wanna grow up because I can’t bake, I can only make cereal, and furniture is expensive” Literally me

    5. This kid who always finds the humor in exquisite art:

    Today my five year-old laughed at this painting in the middle of a museum for like six minutes

    6. This kid who does whatever she wants, when she wants:

    just seen a little girl confidently walk up to a bath bomb in lush and take a bite out of it, kids are class

    7. This kid who values Vaseline and is willing to fight for it:

    Was surfing old pictures and found one of my son accosting his dad with a plastic toy knife. The reason? Dad took away the jar of Vaseline he was eating. Ahhh... #memories #funnykid #goodchuckle

    8. These kids who are masters at getting what they want:

    My kids wanted a karaoke machine for Christmas-little did I know it would be for yelling in the mic "CAN WE HAVE A SNACK" when I'm upstairs.

    9. This kid who knows she can't eat the pet fish, so she will just pet it:

    So. Got a new fish after Bali ate the original. And this evening Serena was carrying it around petting it 🤦‍♀️🐟🐶 #onlymykid

    10. This kid who always puts safety first:

    When wearing your new bike helmet everywhere is the coolest thing! #funnykid #lovehim #onlymykid

    11. This kid who really hates numbers:

    12. This kid who finds great ways to get around showering:

    Ethan just sprayed himself with febreeze because he didn't want to take a shower. #thatjusthappened #onlymykid #goodparenting

    13. This kid who is praying for a growth spurt:

    My 16-year-old, who wishes they were taller: “The shorter you are, the closer you are to hell.” #mykid #funnykid

    14. This kid who knows how to improvise in times of need:

    We ran out of apple juice, so we improvised. #brilliantkid

    15. This kid who loves sitting, not running:

    Nate: Mia, you want to run bases with me? Mia: Yep! This is what that looked like. #onlymykid

    16. This kid who lives in his goggles:

    You know it's #summer when he wears his goggles everywhere! #onlymykid #freespirit #childhood

    17. This kid who causes unnecessary panic:

    One of my sons pulled the fire alarm at school as we were leaving. I’m done with today thanks #wtf #onlymykid #mortified

    18. This kid who doesn't like dirty floors anywhere:


    19. And this kid who likes her alone time with her mom:

    3yo: *follows me into bathroom* Me: "Privacy, please" 3yo: "Oh, right" *closes door* "Now we have privacy, Mommy"

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