18 Times Living With A Kid Is Like Living With A Shitty Roommate

    Just another reason to love being a parent.

    1. They eat all your food.

    2. They poop in your bathroom...and sometimes don't even flush.

    3. They don't pay rent or bills.

    4. They make way too much noise.

    5. They don't do their fair share of the dishes.

    6. They eavesdrop on your conversations.

    7. They wear your clothes.

    8. They pretend they don't know where your stuff disappeared to.

    9. They run through the house naked.

    10. They have friends over and do stupid things.

    11. They leave a mess in any room they enter.

    12. They break things and don't tell you.

    13. They never change the toilet paper roll.

    14. They don't take out the trash.

    15. And they think they are automatically invited to everything you are.

    16. They fart in front of your guests.

    17. They are sneaky thieves (especially with good leftovers).

    18. And they definitely aren't the same as when they first moved in.