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    18 Kids Who Definitely Did Not Ruin Your Day

    Treasure. That is what you are.

    1. This kid who placed your keys in a spot where they can always be found.

    modernminiandme / Via

    2. This kid who added prizes to your chip bag.

    nettiepoo3 / Via

    3. This kid who decided to give you a complete room remodel FOR FREE.

    chadhiebert / Via

    4. This kid who fully stocked your mini fridge.

    irayfit / Via

    5. This kid who helped you work from home.

    nicadana / Via

    6. This kid who gave you the most beautiful manicure ever.

    lovingyoulovinglife / Via

    7. This kid who left the donut just the way you like it.

    mommykach / Via

    8. This kid who repainted your cabinet for you.

    proofwhywecanthavenicethings / Via

    9. This kid who made your Saturday wine and hors d'oeuvre night complete.

    ladanyiii / Via

    10. This kid who saved you the trouble of changing another diaper.

    proofwhywecanthavenicethings / Via

    11. This kid who made unpacking the groceries a breeze.

    confessions1rst / Via

    12. This kid who saved you the trouble of actually having to freeze the Otter Pops.

    proofwhywecanthavenicethings / Via

    13. This kid who assured you there was enough toilet paper in the house.

    batgirlmelnz / Via

    14. This kid who didn't make you peel the banana for them.

    proofwhywecanthavenicethings / Via

    15. This kid who did your makeup for you.

    the_real_skinny_project / Via

    16. This kid who gave their friendly head-scratching critters to you.

    jenleereeves / Via

    17. This kid who made sure you had just the right amount of toothpaste.

    shaunfitz / Via

    18. And this sweet angel of a kid who plays with dolls so you will never ever have nightmares.

    sheselectrikkk / Via