17 Tweets About Having Kids That People Who Can't Adult Will Relate To So Hard


    1. When you realize you have more experience taking care of pets than taking care of children:

    2. When you don't have actual dishware:

    3. When you still get easily distracted by your stomach:

    4. When you don't understand why infants can't enjoy simple things, like chocolate:

    5. When you are shocked by everyday things kids are capable of:

    6. When you realize helping kids with homework is legitimately hard:

    7. When simply holding a baby feels like an intense workout:

    8. When you forget kids need assistance with just about everything:

    9. And when you forget them when they are in your care:

    10. When you still are not OK with sharing things:

    11. When babysitting for one night exhausts you for days:

    12. When you realize your lifestyle is dangerous to kids:

    13. When simple dreams about kids give you anxiety:

    14. And when your nails take priority over everything:

    15. When a kid's meltdown sounds so scary to you, it's the equivalent of someone being murdered:

    16. When you can't even keep fake kids alive:

    17. And when you know – no matter how much you prepare – this is still going to be you after having a kid:

    You, running from parenthood like: