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    17 Moms Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

    Mama said there'd be days like this...

    1. This mom who is still learning how to put onesies on.

    2. This mom who told her kid this was a cookie. Oops.

    3. This mom who poured coffee instead of milk in her kid's cereal.

    4. This mom who attempted to make her kid a balloon sword.

    mamatoohonest / Via

    5. This mom who made the mistake of putting her kid's doll in the washing machine.

    6. This mom who used her kid’s backpack on a weekend camping trip but forgot to remove the saw when she gave it back.

    labellavita1977 / Via

    7. This mom who can't work a diaper genie.

    1erinrice / Via

    8. This sleep-deprived mom who packed her kid's lunch.

    btrudell / Via

    9. This mom who left a sweet note along with cooking instructions for her child.

    original_amb / Via

    "Please add rice to soup."

    10. This mom who made the mistake of giving her child milk in the car and didn't see the floor mat until the next day.

    mackidtiogabrad / Via

    11. This mom who thought she could cook oatmeal for her kid.

    mamainthenow / Via

    12. This mom who nearly brushed her teeth with diaper rash cream.

    insight2lala / Via

    13. This mom who was great at helping her daughter spell.

    briangilreath / Via

    14. This mom who thought her kid was old enough to make their own sandwich.

    jihaewatson / Via

    15. This mom who thought she could get her kids to the bus stop on time.

    just_jacquies_fitness_story / Via

    It was only the first day of school.

    16. This mom who just wanted to get a cute pic.

    fatbunnybakery / Via

    17. And this mom who meant to use cinnamon, but used chili powder instead.

    feinteaching4 / Via

    And her kids didn't even notice.