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    21 Just Really Freaking Funny Cards For First-Time Parents

    "You're so not prepared for this shit."

    1. This one that definitely won't scare anyone before delivery.

    KnottyCards / Via

    Get this card for $4.50.

    2. This one that used your when it should be you're, but we'll let it slide since it's freaking funny.

    SpicyCards / Via

    Buy this card for $5.

    3. This one that just states the facts.


    Get this card for $3.45.

    4. This one that makes you think of things you never thought of before.


    Get the poop card for $6.

    5. This one that is more bang for your buck — a congrats and sympathy card in one!

    YeaOhGreetings / Via

    Order it for $4.

    6. This one that just shows you care.

    TheCardSharkUK / Via

    Send well wishes to the vadge for $2.19.

    7. This one that says what every new parent is thinking.

    SpellingBeeCards / Via

    Get this honesty card for $4.25.

    8. This one that lets you celebrate the short-term victories.

    YeaOhGreetings / Via

    Send this boob congrats for $4.

    9. This one that just made motherhood worth it.

    SpicyCards / Via

    Give this to the MILF for $5.

    10. This one that shows how your priorities really change.

    sweetperversion / Via

    Send the sniffs with this card for $4.50.

    11. This one that would make a great promo.

    ClassyCardsCreative / Via

    Show your support for breastfeeding for $4.50.

    12. This one that doesn't sugarcoat anything.

    BettieConfetti / Via

    Order this little shit today for $3.45.

    13. This one that shows you'll always be there to cheer them on.

    CheekyKumquat / Via

    Get this winning card for $4.50.

    14. This one that is JUST KIDDING. 😉

    FINCHandHARE / Via

    Don't worry, the inside says: "Your new life is just beginning. This is just one big event — and one love that lasts forever."

    Get it for $5.

    15. This one that tells it like it is.

    LailaMeDesigns / Via

    Order this gem for $4.59.

    16. This one that makes way too much sense.

    ClassyCardsCreative / Via

    Get this one for $4.50.

    17. This one that is just a simple good-luck wish.

    creativitycards / Via

    Send this good-luck card for $4.50.

    18. This one that states a universal truth.

    perksofaurora / Via

    Send a mom-jeans card for $3.75.

    19. This one that brings the smiles with the poops!

    KymsCreativeDesigns / Via

    Get the shits and giggles card for $3.75.

    20. This one that offers a legit excuse.

    LifeandStyleDesigns / Via

    Don't question it, just get this card for $4.50.

    21. And then there is just this. WTF.

    No, you can't buy it, but you sure can make it if your little pointer desires.

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