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    Literally Just 17 Dads Who Are Everything

    #dadgoals for real.

    1. This dad who just gets father/daughter bonding.

    sschremm / Via

    2. And this dad who also understands father/daughter time.

    judgehannah77 / Via

    3. This dad who is a work of art.

    ladyflip23 / Via

    4. This dad who lets his daughter practice shaving on his leg.

    amber_nicole8403 / Via

    5. This dad who always waits for his daughter before watching the good shows.

    6. This dad who knows the meaning of one-on-one time.

    goat_sports_academy / Via

    7. This dad who takes the proper precautions, but still gets the job done.

    davidjames2015 / Via

    8. This dad who makes sure every day is magical.

    j.o.r.d.i.s_ / Via

    9. This dad who always has an open lap for nap time.

    lifeasakingvlogs / Via

    10. This dad who is always there to lighten the load.

    dammitjennah / Via

    11. This dad who knows just how to brighten your day.

    12. This dad who is his kid's personal trainer.

    13. This dad who shows you how to smile on picture day.

    twindependent / Via

    14. This dad who knows the value of a good tea party.

    thebyrdwoman / Via

    15. This dad who lets his daughter properly utilize his chest.

    tleebelle / Via

    16. This dad who is really good at multi-tasking.

    lexmason76 / Via

    17. And this three-generation trio who quenches each other's thirst.

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