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16 Totally "Mom" Things You Are Always Guilty Of Doing

Just livin' that mom life.

1. When there's a spill, you always have baby wipes in your purse.

Instagram: @mrskanitz

You're just here to save the day, once again.

2. Speaking of purses, yours is definitely oversized and filled with toys, snacks and pacifiers.

Instagram: @lindsaycremona

Don't worry, your stuff is in there somewhere, too.

3. You have no memory on your phone because it is filled with kiddie apps.

BuzzFeed / Via Torres

But, the amount of times it keeps your kids entertained is worth it.

4. Your friends have gotten accustomed to your alternative curse words.


5. If you see a discount or sale, you have to stop.

Instagram: @targetclearancequeen

Hey, buying ahead for birthdays and Christmas saves you money.

6. All your social media accounts are pretty much just baby books of your kid.

BuzzFeed / Via Torres

He's really way more interesting than you are, TBH.

7. The only new movies you know about are kids movies.

Instagram: @beautyswirls

In your defense, some of them look pretty good.

8. If food is hot, you instantly blow on it.


You can't help it, it's in your instincts.

9. You notice all hazardous things in your surroundings.

Note to self: You cannot bring your child to this person's house.

10. It's not uncommon for random toys to show up anywhere in your home.

Instagram: @mrsgifletcher

Or for your kid to be crying for an hour because they "lost" their cars.

11. You refer to the bathroom as the "potty."


And make sure no one needs to go before getting in your car, including adults.

12. You are the snack queen.

Instagram: @abbey9calley

Let no one go hungry again.

13. You finally get a night out, but all you do is talk about your kids.


14. You go shopping for yourself, but somehow end up in the kids section.

Instagram: @olivia_bimbi

Your kid looks way better in clothes than you do anyway.

15. You don't know what packing lightly means (even if you're not going on vacation).

Instagram: @hetpaleisvanlola

What if it gets cold? What if someone gets sick? People can always count on you.

16. You get overly excited when you hear someone else is about to become a parent.

Universal Pictures

Welcome to the club.

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