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    15 Questions We All Ask Ourselves Every Time We Shop At Costco

    Why is the sample lady taking so long?

    1. Should I be ashamed that I only came here for the samples?

    drkaylarandhawa / Via

    And should I also be ashamed that I snuck two of each one?

    2. Do I really need THAT much of my favorite food?

    Twitter: @ciaomichaella

    They say you only regret the things in life you don't do.

    3. Are people judging me for buying alcohol in bulk?

    Krista Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    Come on, this much vodka for only $19.99?!

    4. Is today the day I break down and finally buy the giant bear?

    hayanana / Via

    It's going to happen sooner or later.

    5. It's smart to buy more so I never run out, right?!

    Twitter: @laurentayyy83

    It'll always be there when I need it.

    6. And who decides what items get sold in bulk anyways?

    Twitter: @TheKidJayM

    I guess it would be a shame to run out.

    7. Why am I about to wait in this sample line? Why is it taking so long? Don't I have better things to do?

    mattinrt / Via

    No, actually nothing is more important than tasting this new chicken tetrazzini.

    8. Do I have space in my cabinet for all this?

    jamie.lynn04 / Via

    I will find room. Where there's a will there's a way.

    9. Do I even need to bother with the gym after all this heavy lifting?

    Twitter: @carlyflumer

    A Costco membership is basically the same thing as a gym membership.

    10. Am I out of toilet paper already?

    kendra.heff / Via

    Probably not, but it's not really a trip to Costco without getting toilet paper.

    11. Do you think people can see through my sample-scheming habits?

    @svagelj / Via

    I basically deserve an Oscar for this performance.

    12. Why do people walk so slow?

    Twitter: @ShannonReader

    Get out of my way, there's another sample over there!

    13. Do people who don't own restaurants actually buy giant tubs of mayo?

    Krista Torres / Via BuzzFeed


    14. Is it bad if I order a slice of pizza even though I just had dozens of samples?

    Twitter: @CostcoConoiseur

    Absolutely not. I stand by my decision.

    15. And at this point in life, I would be more upset if I lost my Costco card than if I lost my credit card.

    comicralph21 / Via

    Credit cards can be frozen or immediately cancelled. Getting a new Costco card is basically the same as going to the DMV. No one wants to do it.