16 People Who Are Miserably Failing At Loading Their Dishwashers

    Somebody help these pour souls!

    1. This person who puts knives in with the blade up:

    2. And this person who puts dishes in right side up:

    3. This person who dropped everything into the rack:

    Alright, friends... if your significant other does a TERRIBLE job loading the dishwasher, what do you do? Reorganize or leave it be!?!?

    4. This person who puts plants in the dishwasher:

    My brother is really good at loading the dishwasher..

    5. And this person who puts hats in the dishwasher WITH dirty dishes (like, I know this is a thing, but I can taste the sweat on the cup just thinking about it):

    6. This person who lays dishes on top of each other:

    7. This person who thinks dolls can be washed with plates:

    8. This person who stacks dishes vertically:

    9. And this person who stacks the dishes indefinitely:

    10. This person who doesn't realize plates go sideways:

    @frathermatt Nobody knows because none of the friars have passed the prerequisite course in loading the dishwasher.

    11. This person who puts plates in the opposite way of bowls:

    12. This person who just lays lids on top of the prongs:

    13. This person who uses the wrong soap:

    14. And this person who uses WAY TOO MUCH of the wrong soap:

    15. This person who can't be bothered to even put the silverware holder right side up:

    16. And this person who doesn't rinse out the dishes before putting them in:

    Take a deep breath and love the person, not their dishwasher skills!!!