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14 Moms Who Improvised So Well We Should Give Them A Standing Ovation

Mom level: 100.

1. This mom who didn't have a tampon, so she created the world's largest maxi pad.

2. This mom whose kid wouldn't stop whining about wanting an ice cream cone, so she gave him one – with oatmeal.

3. This mom who wanted a relaxing lake day, but didn't want to get wet, so she propped her folding chair on an inner tube.

4. This mom who desperately needed to clean the house, but her toddler kept messing things up, so she made this comfy TV-viewing contraption.

5. And this mom who needed to give her kid a bath, but wasn't near a tub, so she used a foil roasting pan.

6. This mom whose kid peed their pants while they were out, so she used the heater vents to dry them.

7. This mom who wanted popcorn on her road trip, but it was spilling everywhere, so she turned her console into a snack holder.

8. This mom whose kid kept getting into the cabinets, so she clamped that shit shut with tongs.

9. And this mom whose kid kept wearing "big boy undies" that didn't quite fit him, so she used this clamp to hold them on.

10. This mom whose lemons and limes kept going bad, so she froze them in her ice cubes as drink refreshers.

11. This mom who didn’t feel like walking the dog, so she let the kids do it for her.

12. This mom whose kids kept making a mess with the bobby pins, so she used a magnetic strip to keep them in place.

13. This mom whose kid kept crying, so she crafted this tablet holder for entertainment.

14. And this mom who kept losing chip clips, so she started using hangers to keep them fresh.