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    15 Dads Who Don't Sugar Coat Things And It's Pretty Funny Actually

    Dad level: pro.

    1. This dad who has never been more turned on by his partner.

    2. This dad who knows how to properly tuck in a child.

    3. This dad who knows parents don't get breaks.

    4. This dad who spends $$$ on Michael Jordan shoes for his kid for no apparent reason.

    5. This dad who is offering to share his knowledge with the world.

    6. This dad who always teaches his kids important lessons.

    7. This dad who made this accurate observation.

    8. This husband who is all for doing favors for his wife.

    9. This dad who is king of common sense.

    10. This dad who knows that all discipline goes out the window when you're faced with bugs.

    11. This dad who makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    12. This dad who knows a toddler and whistle is never a good combination.

    13. This dad who sincerely apologizes for his kid's outbursts.

    14. This dad who is figuring out what the term "exploring" means to a kid.

    15. And this dad, who knows to never make assumptions.

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