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15 Brothers And Sisters Who Are A Joy To Watch

"My brother plays dead when my mom yells at him."

1. This sister who thought she could warm up her Cheetos:


2. This brother who wore green in front of a green screen on picture day:

my little brother decided to wear green on the wrong day oops

3. This brother who is not confident in his abilities to wake up:

Ok re-do lol had to block the # buuttt: LMFAO look at the notes that my brother left FedEx!!! He was dead serious -__-

4. And this brother who sleeps so soundly, nothing can wake him up:

5. This sister who likes her schedule to be exact:

6. This brother who pretends to be dead when he's in trouble:

my brother plays dead when my mom yells at him

7. This brother who sent this snap after watching the school puberty video:

8. This sister who loves boba so much, she got boba earrings:

9. This thumbless brother who constantly makes his sister's day:

my brother doesn’t have a thumb and his non thumb hand looks so funny and he sends me pics of him holding things and I hope it makes everyone else laugh as much as it makes me laugh

10. This sister who protects her heels with plastic bags:

My sister thinks it’s funny but when you’re wearing $1300 heels to the photo location and it was raining out

11. This brother who sends selfies with his text responses:

my brother is hella funny lmao why the selfie

12. This sister who dedicates herself 100% to theme week at school:

Y'all I'm dead, my sister is killing Disney themed homecoming week at her high school

13. This brother who needs assistance keeping his britches up:

Can we all just laugh at the time my brother came home drunk and couldn't keep his pants up? #dead #toofunny

14. This sister who made a literal iPad:

My little sister thought it would be funny to make an ipad

15. And this brother who mistakes tampons for Pop-Tarts:

we were in the store and my little brother said “you don’t have to get pop tarts you can just share mine” his face when i turned the box 😂😂