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    15 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Parents Are Overprotective As Hell

    Why are you so obsessed with me?

    1. You always have to beg your parents anytime you want to go somewhere...


    2. And then ask why everyone else gets to go except you.

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    3. On the off chance they do let you go somewhere, it is always under certain conditions.


    4. They always send you a series of questions.

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    5. And they have no problem calling ALL of your friends to ask where you are if you don't immediately answer.


    6. In fact, they are so paranoid, they sometimes lose their common sense.

    7. They don't trust you to follow rules on your own.

    8. And they are always worried something will happen to you.

    9. As a kid, you never did any activity without your helmet, gloves, and kneepads.

    10. And, if it was cold, you were always overbundled.

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    11. They make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen.

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    12. The only technology your parents have (almost) figured out is how to track your location.

    13. When you think about telling them something personal, they always do something that makes you change your mind.


    14. No matter how old you get, they still tell you what to do.

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    15. But it's okay because you know if anything ever happens to you, they will literally drop everything to be there for you.

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