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    15 Things Only Parents Will Be Able To Tell You With Absolute Certainty

    This is parenting, guys.

    1. Only parents know finding random objects in random places is common:

    2. And only parents know finding unwanted food hidden in dining room table drawers is also common:

    3. Only parents know the agony of having to remove slime:

    4. Only parents know this snot sucker is equal parts gross and satisfying:

    5. Only parents know this is what a good night's sleep actually looks like:

    6. Only parents know there's no such thing as breaks:

    7. Only parents know the regret of spending money on toys when a cardboard box is really all kids need:

    8. And only parent know what it's like cleaning a mini human's poo all the time:

    9. Only parents know this is what a "day off" looks like:

    This is what happens when I have a day off....#momlife

    10. Only parents know the great lengths we go to make our kids happy:

    11. Only parents know #7 - #10 on this list is what keeps us going:

    12. Only parents know that phrases like this are used every day:

    13. Only parents know the extent of the nasty things hidden in their home:

    14. Only parents know what it feels like to repeat themselves ALL THE TIME:

    15. And only parents know this is a bottle liner NOT a used condom.