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    15 Signs You Are, Without A Doubt, A Target Mom

    When is Target going to start providing daycare?

    1. 99.9% of the time you get your Starbucks inside Target.

    2. You shop there so much it’s basically your second home.

    3. You HAVE to stop at the kid's section EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    4. You somehow can't manage to ever make it out with just one thing.

    5. It's basically like therapy for any event in your life.

    6. The clearance aisle is your happy place.

    7. I take that back. The Dollar Spot is your happy place.

    8. With all the affordable stuff in Target, you still don't understand how you can never manage to spend under $50.

    9. If you gotta bring your kid with you, you always bring something to distract them.

    10. Every time you're there, though, you really wish they had just one more accommodation.

    11. And you always think: Even if they couldn't get a play place, maybe they could at least get a daycare?

    12. Nothing can make you smile the way a cart full of on-sale diapers and wine can.

    13. Even shopping for toothbrushes at Target makes you giddy.

    14. Even your kids understand the love you have for Target.

    15. And a moment like this would be one of your proudest.