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    15 Halloween Costumes That Should Have Been Made From Different Materials

    A for effort!

    1. This dog whose ghost costume was made from one square of paper towel:

    2. And this dog whose baby doll head costume was made from an actual doll baby head:

    3. This baby whose Harry Potter glasses were drawn-on with marker:

    4. This person whose mummy costume was made from the last of the toilet paper on the roll:

    5. These people whose Smurf costumes were just frightening:

    6. This person whose R2D2 costume was a wee bit small:

    7. And this dog whose teddy bear costume was just really small:

    8. This couple whose kitty and litter box costume was, well, gross:

    9. This guy whose gingerbread man costume was just a bad pun:

    10. And this kid whose costume was just a paper bag:

    11. This guy's Homer Simpson costume that looked like it may have come from the dumpster:

    12. This couple's costume that went a little too far:

    13. And this couple's costume that went really, really far:

    14. This guy's whose Wolverine costume was shaped like a banana:

    15. And these girls' costume – where the girl on the right made out with someone while in the same pants with her friend.

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