Here Are 15 Puzzling Images That Will Mess With You More Than Your Older Brother Did Growing Up

    My mind is bent.

    1. Let's start with optimal confusion: Where did the rest of this car go???

    Detached car front bumper in street with oncoming bus

    2. I need to know how this woman is levitating on what appears to be some sort of magic carpet.

    A woman who appears to be floating as she gives a speech

    3. And can someone tell me why these ships are floating in mid-air?

    Ship appears to float above the ocean due to an optical illusion with clear skies

    4. How did they bake this life-size pizza?

    a giant pizza

    5. Explain to me how they brush this dog's teeth.

    a black dog whose teeth look wooden, but it's the fence behind him

    6. And also explain what is going on with this dog's nose. Thanks.

    Golden retriever with its nose pressed against a corner, eyes closed, appearing content or sleepy

    7. Moving on to "confusion at a glance": Somebody get this girl a longer dress!

    a woman's knee that looks like a child's butt

    8. Here's another "at a glance" moment where someone didn't realize they owned a cat.

    a plastic bag in the shape of a cat

    9. I am deeply unsettled at this person's open-wounded leg.

    a cloth next to a person's leg that makes it look like a massive wound

    10. And even more disturbed by this leg on fire!

    Two individuals standing by a flaming chessboard table outdoors

    11. Why is this kitty at a concert?

    a person's hand that looks like a cat

    12. And why is this chair missing two random parts?

    Cat peeking through the backrest slats of a white chair

    13. My brain just can't handle what is going on here (so let me know in the comments).

    An empty parking garage ramp with lighting along the path and a car partially visible

    14. If you're able to tell me what these are — because they are not birds — I would be forever grateful.

    Flooded street with numerous motorcycles submerged in water, only tops visible among trees

    15. And, lastly, some people on Reddit thought these were chickens, but I just want to know why this many gallons of milk is being hauled around in a truck bed to begin with?!

    Truck bed filled with numerous gallon milk jugs, overcast sky in the background