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    15 Perfect Gifts For Moms Who Are Trying To Keep Their Shit Together

    Bless this hot mess.

    1. This wine glass will allow her to enjoy her drink without having to explain herself.

    2. These shoes are an effortless way for her to make the floors sparkle.

    3. These "grown-up" gummy bears infused with real champagne will make her face light up.

    4. This Beauty Multistick will be a lifesaver because she can use it on her cheeks, lips, and eyes.

    5. These incredible shelf liners for the refrigerator will be super helpful because they keep mildew and moisture out.

    6. This key finder will help prevent her from being late.

    7. These smartphone gloves are a great idea, too.

    8. This 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker will help her make meals in a jiffy.

    9. This over-the-door jewelry organizer will help her keep her accessories handy.

    Get this one for $59.99.

    10. This over-the-door storage mirror is another option if she has more to store.

    Get it for $149.99.

    11. This super useful charging station will allow her to charge everything in one place.

    12. This portable document scanner will help her keep track of important paperwork and receipts.

    13. This fun hot mess mom tank will speak to her.

    14. Some drawer organizers will help her feel more orderly.

    15. This bath caddy (complete with a wine holder) will encourage her to take some "me" time.