15 Kids Foods Adults Can't Refuse, Like Ever

    Sandwiches with no crusts, cut diagonally.

    1. Let's start with a no-brainer: mac 'n' cheese.

    2. Oh, and let's talk about gummies. There's no snack quite as satisfying as a chewy fruit snack.

    3. Cheese pizza? No explanation needed here.

    4. And toaster strudels? What grown-ass person doesn't want a warm pastry with frosting for breakfast? Come on.

    5. Cheese puffs are ideal, no matter how much cheese residue they leave on your fingers.

    6. Flavored ice is always more exciting than plain ice.

    7. Everyone knows sandwiches WITHOUT the crust, always cut diagonally, are the right kind.

    8. A simple grilled cheese always, always sounds good.

    9. Smiling Goldfish crackers are the most fun snack of all time.

    10. Dinosaur-shaped nuggets always taste better than regular chicken nuggets.

    11. And there's something about a bite-size, bear-shaped cookie that is too delicious to refuse.

    12. Pigs in a blanket are ten times better than a plain ol' hotdog.

    13. There's nothing more satisfying than some melted cheese inside a crisp tortilla.

    14. Animal crackers are a must. They taste like cookies, but they're called crackers, so they must be healthy.

    15. And EVERYONE knows the baby oranges are just better.