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15 Moms Who Totally Acted Like Every Single Mom There Ever Was

"You're going to go deaf listening to music that loud!"

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1. When your mom only makes sense in her own head.

2. When your mom shares your life story with the world.

3. When your mom is very opinionated about your clothing choices.

4. When your mom tries to guilt you into what she wants.

5. And when your mom is overly inquisitive.

6. When your mom sees right through your little tricks.

7. When your mom is overly worried about you.

8. When your mom is trying to figure out the internet.

9. When your mom just doesn't get your jokes.

10. When your mom ruins your plans.

11. When your mom decides to clean the house.

12. When your mom doesn't think you are capable of taking care of yourself.

13. When your mom always thinks you're up to something.

14. When your mom doesn't understand television stations.

15. And when your mom uses the excuse that she gave birth to you for EVERYTHING.

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