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15 Kids Who Are Definitely Smarter Than You

"It takes balls to be a dad."

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1. This kid who used one of their broken Nerf darts as a pencil gripper:

ceciliast72 / Via

2. This kid who made this accurate statement:

19juls / Via

3. This kid who is a genius at multitasking:

maevecn / Via

4. This kid who actually knows why you hate work:

5. This kid who didn't want their silverware touching the table, so they utilized this crayon box:

6. This kid who just blew your knowledge right out of the water:

7. This kid who got sick of holding their cards, so they used a brush:

hissyfit_inc / Via

8. This kid who pointed out this fact:

9. This kid who found a way to stop people from drinking their water:

adifergie73 / Via

10. This kid who is teaching their mom all about planets:

11. This kid who hangs out by the vent to cool their pizza:

af_1 / Via

12. This kid who knew the logical answer to this question:

13. This kid who obviously starts stories better than you:

14. This kid who has great business sense:

15. And this kid who offers great life advice to average adults like us:

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