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    15 Crazy Kids Who Are Hilariously Weird AF

    Hey, we're all a little weird sometimes.

    1. The little girl whose best friend is a plastic owl:

    2. The kids who insisted on watching their cartoons like this:

    3. The little girl who is hopefully using her imagination to talk into this vent:

    4. The kid who calls on Santa in times of pain:

    @MothaKim / Via Twitter

    5. The little girl who poses with dead fish:

    @ciaraa00 / Via Twitter

    6. The kid whose sister follows him around spraying him with perfume, so he left her this note:

    7. The girl who uses her feet better than you can:

    8. The kid who might be the next Picasso:

    9. The little girl who plays games like this:

    10. The kid who invented "fart shoes:"

    11. The kid who enjoys a good stick of butter:

    12. The kid who wears diapers like clothing:

    13. The kid who enjoys taking baths with these random items:

    ksquaredmommy2 / Via

    14. The kid who expresses his love in strange ways:

    Twitter: @KSprinsk

    "I miss you and want to lick your forehead really badly."

    15. And the kid who also enjoys licking, but he prefers cats:

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