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15 Kids' Drawings That Literally No One Could Figure Out

Mini Picassos in the making.

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1. Let's start easy. These are three mermaids. Clearly.

masjaflorina / Via Instagram: @masjaflorina

2. And this is a "mom growing a baby." Obviously.

boredmummyk / Via Instagram: @boredmummyk

3. This is a nickel going into a piggy bank. Duh.

4. This is a regular 'ol person. Nothing more.

stephaniechaoparkes / Via

5. And this is a regular 'ol person, too. Of course.

6. This one has captions in case you get confused. Which, you shouldn't. At all.

wendileanne / Via

7. This one is a piece of cake. It's Scrat from Ice Age.

Here's Scrat for reference.
adamameee / Via Instagram: @adamameee

Here's Scrat for reference.

8. I see a home and a rocket. That's it.

kim_fowler87 / Via

9. This can only be one thing: a werewolf holding a spatula. So accurate.

dreamer_achiever_goaldigger / Via

10. That's a sweet kitty cat. Yes, yes.

11. And here's a family with an unborn little sister floating above their heads. Makes sense.

12. Over here we have a Christmas thermometer. I still need to buy one of those.

55shfiftyfive / Via

13. This may look like a human sacrifice, but rest easy. It's just a mommy changing her baby's poopy diaper. Ah, now I see it.

14. In the words of this child artist, "Daddy holds Tink [the cat] and we all go up the attic ladder." So apparent.

dadsdiary / Via

15. And this. Well, this is a deeply detailed piece that features a family conversation about the mother's pregnancy. 👏

Father: "Why did you do this?"Son: "Wah!!" Cynthia (AKA Pregnant Mother): "Because I wanted to be a mom and I will be a great one."TRUE.
cynwehr / Via

Father: "Why did you do this?"

Son: "Wah!!"

Cynthia (AKA Pregnant Mother): "Because I wanted to be a mom and I will be a great one."


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